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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet Your...

Tired of wrestling your Smartphone  away from your kids? You have to get them the LeapPad Explorer Tablet. If you’re familiar with some of the common LeapPad  features, like interactive story telling, games and diversions within books to enhance the learning opportunities and hold a child’s attention, you’re in for a big surprise with this tablet. I look at it as LeapPad’s answer to the Ipad.  

It’s designed with a 5” display and a touch screen. There’s a built-in camera, video recorder and microphone. The 2GB memory, tons of downloadable apps, access to LeapFrog Learning Path and it’s compatibility with Leapster Explorer Handheld cartridges, offer a huge range of fun playtime with a healthy and barely noticed seasoning of education sprinkled in. You can get one in either Pink or Green.

The range of development this wonderful toy encourages is really surprising if you think about it. In one tablet sized package you have an engaging path to enhancing fine motor skills, social and emotional development, speech and language, physical and occupational development, hand to eye co-ordination, visual skills, sound sensitivity and imaginative creativity.

The kids get to actually use technology common nowadays, like the video recorder, e-book reader, camera, microphone, and touchscreen, in something way more durable that your glass cased Iphone. Through a connection with your internet connected computer, you can download new apps to the LeapPad Explorer Tablet and upload your child’s progress. Another thoughtful touch: It comes with two styluses. Tuck one away. You know you’re going to need it.

I’d recommend buying this one up quick. With Christmas coming, It won’t be on the shelves long. The LeapPad is designed for children 4 to 9.  However, I would actually feel comfortable giving this to an advanced, tech savvy 2 year old.  This is a much better alternative to giving a toddler your precious Apple  iPad or Itouch  to play with

Leappad explorer is sold at local stores like Target, and Walmart as well as online at Amazon for about $100.  It is also recommened that you purchase the $20 app code for that you can get  a number of apps only available through their site. 

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