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Lego Imagination Center

Indoor Free
Playspaces, Educational, Touristy
LEGO Imagination Center, Bloomington, Minnesota, BLOOMINGTON, MN
URL: Lego Imagination Center  Phone: 952-858-8949

Activity Overview

An absolute treat for fans of the iconic building bricks the Lego Imagination Center in the Mall of America allows creative minds the opportunity to run wild. Including a store with a great selection of Lego products available for purchase, a kid's build center where your kids can play to their heart's content and any number of large Lego constructions there is more than enough here for lovers of the franchise and for passers-by alike.

Things to Do

  • The store has an incredible range of the blocks for you to choose from making it the perfect place to buy a gift or to add to your own collection.
  • There is a build center by the store where children are free to play with the Lego. This is totally free of charge and kids can stay for as long as they want. The only difficult part is trying to get your kid to leave!
  • Even if you are not a fan of using the building blocks yourself this is a recommended stop simply to see what feats of engineering other people have managed to accomplish with the simple little bricks.
  • Lego hires graduates in design and architecture to construct incredible pieces like such as giant dragons, tigers, helicopters, Transformers, devils and horse-riders. These impressive constructions are all around the Lego Imagination Center.

Lego Imagination Center Insider Tips

  • There are plenty of helpful staff on hand to help you with any questions or needs that you have. Don't be afraid to ask!
  • The Mall of America is easy to get to. There are public transport options such as the Light Transit Rail services that run from Downtown Minneapolis and from the airport directly to the Mall. There are shuttles from many hotels in the region. Or if you simply want to drive yourself then you will be greeted with free parking when you arrive.

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