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Lewis and Clark National and State Historical...

Activity Overview

Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Park on the shores of Colombia river in Astoria, OR commemorates the expedition led by famous explorers Lewis and Clark in 1805. Lewis and Clark led the group of 30 people to explore the Missouri river and find a direct water route to the Pacific ocean. The historical park encompasses 12 sites that were explored by Lewis and Clark, the site has the historic fort, a long house, and beautiful views of river Colombia. The park can be toured through out the year and there are many fun activities to do for the families.

Things to Do

  • The historical park takes you back into the history of the expedition that was led by explorers Lewis and Clark and a crew of volunteers.
  • The explorers built a fort to take shelter from the harsh winters, in peak seasons you can see demonstration in fort Clatsop.
  • See the replica of the native American longhouse in the old Clatsop Indian village.
  • Hike the trails that were explored by them back in the day, the trails pass through the Oregon coast, wetlands, forests, and other natural ecosystems.
  • If the weather is not suitable, stay indoors in the visitor center and enjoy many activities, kids can read books and play games.

Lewis and Clark National and state Historical Park Insider Tips

  • Wear comfortable walking shoes.

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