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Living Walls

Outdoor Free
Educational, Cultural, Offbeat, Historical, Volunteer/Charity

Activity Overview

Living Walls are an inspirational non-profit group who re-model drab public spaces into canvases for beautiful murals that are fully accessible to the entire public. Every year since 2010 the organizers organize a conference to which local and foreign artists are invited. Plans of murals are drawn up and the artists go out and get to work. Permission is always sought from building owners. The aim of the entire project is to revitalize areas of the city and to beautify its streets. The project has not been without controversy due mostly to battles with the city council however for the most part it has been warmly received by the city's populace.

Things to Do

  • It can be fun to do a tour of the various works of art. The best way to do this probably by bike or else to choose a particular area and do it on foot. Make sure to bring a camera to record the pieces, you won't want to forget them!
  • Organized bike tours sometimes take place so keep an eye on the organization's webpage.
  • Also make sure you try to catch their yearly festival held in the Goat Farm where there is music, exhibitions and all manner of educational and cultural displays.

Living Walls Insider Tips

  • If you like the sound of Living Walls' project then you can help out by getting involved as a volunteer. The organization is entirely run by volunteers so your help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Living Walls' various works can be easily found with the help of their online map. Also check out their Twitter which keeps people up to date on what the project is currently up to.

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