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Logic Based Riddles for Kids

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Logic Based Riddles for Kids

Share some of these fun logic based riddles with your friends and family. This selection of riddles is all language based logic. The questions will challenge your thinking and the answers will be so riveting that you will yearn for each subsequent riddle.

What travels around the world but stays in one place?

A stamp

A red house is made out of red bricks, a purple house is made out of purple bricks, a yellow house is made out of yellow bricks, a brown house is made out of brown bricks, an orange house is made out of orange bricks, what is the greenhouse made out of?


Sally's father has four children. Three of them are named, Jack, John and Josephine. What is the fourth child's name?


What would happen if pigs could fly?

The price of bacon would go higher and higher.

I occur twice in a week, once in a year, at the beginning of eternity and at the end of time and space. What am I?

The letter E

What can you catch, but never throw?

A cold

What grows in the winter, dies in the summer, and grows roots upward?

A Icicle

Is an old one hundred dollar bill worth more than a new one?

Of course! 100 dollars is always worth more than 1 dollar.

Name three things that have eyes but cannot see.

Storms, potatoes and needles

Two baseball teams played a game. One team won the game, but not one man touched a base. How could that have happened?

Both teams were composed of girls.

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