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Louisiana State Capitol Building

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900 North 3rd Street, Baton Rouge, LA
URL: Louisiana State Capitol Building...  Phone: 225-342-7317

Activity Overview

With 34 stories reaching up 450 feet high the Louisiana State Capitol Building is the largest State Capitol in the United States. It is located in downtown Baton Rouge and was built in the early 30's to replace the Old Louisiana State Capitol. Louisiana Governor Huey Long was the driving force behind its construction and it stands as a great testament to his work with its simple but stylish Art Deco details. For its striking design and importance in the history of the strength it has found a place on the National Register of Historic Places and has also been declared a National Historic Landmark. It is free to enter the Capitol Building.

Things to Do

  • Don't miss out on the building's Observation Deck. Take the elevator up to the 27th and be treated to wonderful views that stretch out right across Baton Rouge. Bring your camera for some fabulous pics. Also wander around the lovely gardens and see the grave of Huey Long who was assassinated in the building he worked so hard to see constructed in 1935.

Louisiana State Capitol Building Insider Tips

  • The Old Louisiana State Capitol building is worth visiting too. It sits like a giant gothic castle that sits atop a green hill that has a staircase leading up to it. This building is full of history and is notable for its architecture. Check out the website for more info on tours and events.
  • The State Capitol Building is just one of a bunch of sites that have made it onto the National Park Services' travel itinerary for historic places in Southeastern Louisiana. This cool itinerary picks out quite a few places that history buffs should definitely check out in the region. Check out the map of the various locations online.

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