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Magic Tricks

Magicians of all ages will have fun challenging their friends and family to this simple magic challenge. The family challenge is to get the glasses arranged in the proper order by only moving one glass. Most people
Young magicians will have fun wowing their friends and family with this Magical Toothpick Magic Trick that uses the science of surface tension to astonish audiences of all ages. This experiment requires a little
Here are two tricky toothpick tricks which are certain to challenge you, but the results will be well worth the rewards. Patience and perseverance are key to these two magic tricks, so keep trying and do not give
You will want to get your toothpicks ready for this very neat experiment. The miraculous movement of the Magic Toothpick Star will even marvel the child magician performing the trick. You may want to have extra
Explore the Sir Isaac Newton's first Law of Motion with this quick and easy Coin Drop Magic Trick. This theory explains that an object at rest will remain at rest unless and outside force acts upon it; while an
Try the Disappearing Toothpick Trick and find yourself wowing your family and friends again and again. This magic activity takes a little practice in a mirror before performing it but with a minimal amount of
Add a touch of magic to your day with this quick and easy Magic Comb Trick. Mesmerize your audience when you are able to pick up small scraps of ordinary paper with your incredible magic comb. Your comb is not
This incredibly simple Vanishing Water magic trick is sure to amaze your audience. Pour water into a cup right in front of everyone and when you dump the cup over, the water seemingly has disappeared. This fun
Convince your audience that you can teach a cup of water to obey basic commands. This Well Trained Water tricks is relatively easy to master and fun to perform. Be sure that you perform this trick over a sink
Thinks are about to get sticky with this amazing Sticky Cards Magic Trick that you can perform for your friends and family members. The science of air pressure is really what is at play in this fun trick. Magicians
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