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Magnet Word Craft

Indoor $
Craft Projects, Recycled

Activity Overview

This craft is a great way to recycle all of those advertising and business card magnets that you may have on your refrigerator or in drawers around your home. After you create this craft and make your word magnets, you can store the words in a baggie, tin box, or keep them on your refrigerator and keep using them to leave messages or make sentences.

Materials Needed

  • Several business card or advertising magnets or you can use rolls of magnetic strip
  • Printer and card stock OR an old unused book with cutout words
  • List of common words or phrases ( don't forget pronouns, nouns, verbs and connecting words) Use high frequency word lists from school as well
  • Double sized tape

How to Make It

  • Print out or cut out words with tips from the materials list above
  • Cut out magnetic strips to fit the size of the words that you are using.
  • Use double sided tape or double sized tape squares used for scrapbooking to adhere the words to the magnetic backing.
  • Stick on the refrigerator or other magnetic surface and start building sentences and messages.
  • Store in a baggie, box, or tin, or keep them on the refrigerator for everyday language use.

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