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Make Math Fun - a Multiplication Website for Kids...


Make learning and studying multiplication fun by using useful computer games.  My 4th grader loves this website because in her words, "For most of the games you play, it doesn't seem like you're playing a math game.  The games are very creative and at the end of some of the games, you can do something fun so it makes you want to finish it and get to the end to see what happens.  This makes you want to do more games and helps with studying the multiplication facts."

Since I have seen my daughter's tests improve as well as memorizing them, I can't help but think that this website has helped make it fun and has been able to keep her attention to study her facts.  My daughter is one that likes to jump from one thing to another and for her to sit and study her math facts for an hour on this website, that is a big deal.  She has to be able to do 100 math facts in 5 minutes and she was able to conquer that without a problem after this website.  As much as we might not want to encourage playing computer games all the time, if it makes a "not-so-fun" thing for kids into a very fun study hour, then I am all for it.

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