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Make New Crayons From Old

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Activity Overview

If you have a lot of broken crayons laying around in a bin somewhere like I do, you can take those small crayon pieces and give new life to them by transforming them into new ones. You can use all kind of silicone shaped baking pans to mold them into a variety of fun shapes. Some of the prettiest remolded crayons are formed from lots of different color crayons that have all different shades of one color. Try making some rainbow crayons, some multi-hue crayons and single color crayons. These are great for home use and even as classroom gifts. This project should be completed under the supervision of an adult because it involves the use of the oven.

Materials Needed

  • Old crayons and crayon pieces
  • Muffin tin with liners or silicon baking molds
  • Oven or grill

How to Do It

  1. Line the muffin pan with liners or use a silicone baking mold
  2. Unwrap all of the crayons and separate the crayons from the wrappers.
  3. Put the crayon pieces into each muffin slot or shaped mold.
  4. Bake at 200 for about 5 minutes or until melted.
  5. Then pop into the freezer, and they will come right out of their wrappers or silicone molds.

Angela B.
I remember doing this with my mom as a kid. Crayola has a machine that does it for about $25 which seems crazy to me when I can do it for the price of muffin papers in my own oven.
Chi N.
Fantastic!!! I'll try to do it today
What a great idea - I love everything that has to do with recycling! I will definitely do this with my old crayons.
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