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Mammoth Caves

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1 Mammoth Cave Pkwy, Mammoth Cave, KY
URL: Mammoth Caves  Phone: 270-758-2180

Activity Overview

Mammoth Caves are the world's longest cave systems, the cave system is part of the Mammoth Cave national Park in Kentucky. Mammoth Caves are a nature's wonder, 400 miles of which have been surveyed, explored and mapped. Mammoth Caves were widely discovered and explored by the European settlers in the 18th century, the grease oil lamp was used to light the cave system back in the time. Native Americans would gather minerals from the cave some 4,000 years ago. The national park was established in 1941 to protect the cave system and prevent exploitation, you can see a variety of plants and animal species in the national park. The cave tours are open March through September, many fun activities await you in the Mammoth Cave National Park.

Things to Do

  • Cave tours are a great way to explore the world's most amazing cave system, reserve the tours, during the peak season and the Summer season reservation might be required.
  • A number of tours are offered, families should take the Frozen Niagara tour, the Historic tour, and the Gothic avenue tour of the caves.
  • The Gothic avenue tour takes you to a special part of the cave system where you can see signatures and monuments left behind by visitors some 200 years ago.
  • Children will learn the natural history of the cave system, the biodiversity, see underground passages, domes and pits, and hear relevant stories from the guides.
  • A special Trog tour is only for kids in the age group of 8-12, kids will hike through the forest to the historic entrance of the cave system.
  • Older children can take the grand avenue tour, the tour lets you explore the deeper parts of the cave system, walk through passages, canyons, hills and dripstone formations.
  • Adults and children 10 and over should take the Caving tour that lets you discover the cave system, wear caving gear and work like the cavers, must wear lace-up hiking boots on this tour.
  • Enjoy discovering the hiking trails, biking trails, ziplines in the park, enjoy fishing and canoeing, kayaking in the Green River.
  • Enjoy a family picnic at the Mammoth Cave picnic area or grab a bite at one of the restaurants of the Mammoth Cave hotel.

Mammoth Caves Insider Tips

  • Must wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes, preferably shorts and t shirts.
  • Caving gear is provided by the National park.

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