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Math War

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Activity Overview

Are you looking for a fun game to help bolster your children's math skills? Math War is a great new twist on the traditional War card game and will have your kids using their critical thinking and math skills while having fun. They won't even realize that they are honing their 50 facts skills while engaging in this game of fast paced fun. This game can be made more challenging by changing the rules from addition to subtraction or multiplication problems depending on your child's needs and abilities. It is best to match children up with like skilled opponents or parents to give a level playing field for this game.

What you need

  • 1 Deck of playing cards

How to Play

  1. Take out all of the jokers and face cards from the deck and set aside. You will not be using them for this game.
  2. Shuffle your deck of cards and deal the deck to completion between two players. If you want to play with three or four players, you can also add more of a challenge to your game
  3. Each player simultaneously discards their top card.
  4. The player who most quickly and accurately adds the sum of the numbers together, takes both cards.
  5. If both players answer simultaneously, the pair goes into a discard pile and set aside.
  6. The player with the most cards at the end of the deck round wins the game.

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