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Metropolitan Waterworks Museum

Indoor Free
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2450 Beacon St, Boston, MA
URL: Metropolitan Waterworks Museum...  Phone: 617-277-0065

Activity Overview

Metropolitan Water Works Museum is a historic and one of the earliest water pumping stations in the US, constructed in 1887 it pumped the water for Boston until 1970s. The museum houses historic steam pumping engines, remarkable machines and architecture that inspires the future engineers. See interesting exhibits on the growth of Boston, see the great engines Hall and explore the machinery. Visitors can take guided or self-guided tours of the museum, admission to the museum is free.

Things to Do

  • Visit the museum and see the historic and gigantic water pumping engines that used to pump water to the Boston city until the 1970s.
  • The great Engines hall houses three historic water pumping engines, learn how clean water was pumped to the city back in the days.
  • See interesting exhibits about the early history of the city, and how the engines and machines were built.
  • Take a walking tour to the Chestnut Hill reservoir, the water reservoir is still used as a back-up source of water supply.
  • Visitors start off their tour with an introduction video in the beginning. Interactive activities and games for kids.

Boston Waterworks Museum Insider Tips

  • Beautiful grounds surround the reservoir and are perfect for a few nice family photos. There is also a gorgeous view of the Reservoir itself to be enjoyed.
  • The Museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays all year round.
  • Entrance to the Museum is free but they do encourage a donation of $5 to help support the institution's future.
  • Parking is very limited at the museum with only 30 parking spaces available. Maybe consider traveling by train, info on how to do so can be found here.
  • Donations are welcome.
  • Restrooms are available.

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