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M&M Straw Game

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Activity Overview

Families and friends will have a sweet time playing the M&M Straw Game. The object of the game is for the player whose turn it is to suck up as many M&Ms as possible using their straw and place them in their cup or bowl before the person on their left can roll doubles with the dice. Everyone gets to enjoy a sweet treat of their winnings after this game has concluded.

Materials Needed

  • One drinking straw for each player
  • a small cup of bowl for each player
  • 2 dice
  • a big bowl
  • a large bag of M&Ms ( if you have a larger group, make it 2 large bags)
  • Pie tin or small bowl to roll the dice in

How to Play

  1. Align yourselves in order from youngest to oldest
  2. The youngest player goes first with their straw and places the bowl of M&Ms in front of them. The player to their left has the pie tin and dice.
  3. At the sound of GO, the player with the straw ( using no hands) tries to use suction from the straw to pick up as many M&Ms as they can and place them in their bowl before the player to their left can roll a double on the dice.
  4. When the player to the left rolls a double, they pass the dice tin to the player on their left and the dice roller now gets to try to suck as many M&Ms as they can and place them in their bowl while the person on his/ her left roll the dice and so on.
  5. The person who has the most M&Ms in their bowl when the main bowl is empty is the winner, but everyone gets to enjoy a sweet treat with their winnings that they extracted.

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