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Monkey See Monkey Do

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Activity Overview

Play a game of Monkey See Monkey Do and see just how sly and sneaky you can be. This game is much like the game of Simon Says except that players more discreetly follow the lead of the selected monkey and there is a guesser who tries to deduce who the Monkey is. Get ready for lots of laughs and giggles as players try to keep the secret and act out whatever the Monkey does without drawing attention to their secret leader.

Materials Needed

None - but the more players you can round up, the better

How to Play

  1. To play, one player is the guesser, one the monkey and the rest follow the monkey.
  2. Decide which player will be the guesser.
  3. That player leaves the room.
  4. While the guesser is out of the room, the rest of the players then decide who will be the monkey.
  5. The other players have to do whatever the monkey does.
  6. If she scratches her head, the rest of the players have to scratch their heads.
  7. The guesser tries to figure out who is the monkey.
  8. The monkey should try not to get caught changing the action. If the monkey gets caught, then she becomes the next guesser.

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