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Mound City

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16062 Ohio 104, Chillicothe, OH
URL: Mound City  Phone: 740-774-1126

Activity Overview

Mound City makes up one part of the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. This park is home to a geometrical system of earthworks and burial mounds which were built by the American Indian people who once lived here thousands of years ago. The exact reason for their construction is unknown though this mystery makes the entire site even more intriguing. The collection of idigenous tribes who populated the area are given the collective name of the Hopewell Culture, hence the name of the National Park.

Things to Do

  • Mound City serves as the cente of the entire Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. Here you will find the Park headquarters which is home to interactive exhibits which give you an insight into Hopewellian culture and the history of the mounds. Many original artifacts and finds from the site are on display here.
  • Once you have finished at the visitor's center a walk around the mounds themselves is highly recommended. In this area of the National Park you will encounter 23 mounds which are enclosed by a low wall. The mounds here seem to mark a point where these constructions were becoming more complex and grand.

Mound City Insider Tips

  • The Hopewell Culture National Park is rarely crowded so it can make a nice change to family weekends out in places that a flooded with people. Since its out in the air you get to enjoy some local nature while learning about the fascinating history of the area.
  • If your child is a scout there are plenty of activities they can take part in to earn merit badges at this National Park. For non-scouts there are other fun and educational activities they can take part in to become a junior ranger or a junior archeologist too! For details check out the National Park's website.

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