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Mount Charleston

Outdoor $
Waterfalls, Hiking Trails, Camping, Healthy/Active, Volunteer/Charity, Green
United States, Mount Charleston, NV

Activity Overview

The home of super casinos and non-stop entertainment Las Vegas isn't well known for its nature treks. However, only 30 minutes away from the Strip awaits the cool breezes and waterfalls of Mount Charleston. Aside from hiking in the midst of the fabulous nature here there are plenty of other activities you can take advantage of too. During the winter you can ski, snowshoe hike and play around in the deep snow! When the fairer weather comes you can go horseback riding, mountain biking or set up an enjoyable family picnic.

Things to Do

  • With over fifty one miles of hiking trails there are plenty of different routes for you to choose from once you arrived. The routes appeal to all standards of walker from beginners to more advanced hikers.
  • The simplest hikes should take less than an hour to complete and are suitable for younger walkers as well as adults.
  • If you really want a challenge you can take on the Bonanza trail which is a whopping fifteen miles long! Whatever you choose there are some wonderful sights to be seen in this scenic and inviting park. Check out a good list of possible trails here.

Mount Charleston Insider Tips

  • If you are visiting the mountain during the winter months be sure to check out the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area's Winter Guide and Snow Guide to stay safe and enjoy your visit to the maximum.
  • If you want to spend a little bit longer out in nature there are plenty of volunteering positions which you can take advantage of. Simply look online for details on how you can help lead walks along the trails and help maintain the mountain for others to enjoy.

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