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Mukilteo Lighthouse


Activity Overview

Mukilteo Lighthouse Park is a historic park that was constructed in the 1950s in Mukilteo, Washington. The park is spread across 15 acres, it houses the historic light house and offers public tours. The light house still plays its part in navigation and is a historic landmark, the park is surrounded by beautiful landscape and grounds, the historic light house features exhibits of educational value. Many events of public interest are held at the light house park. The light house and gift shop are open April through September.

Things to Do

  • Visit the Mukilteo lighthouse park to see the historic light house that is still shining through to help ships navigate, visitors can view the working lens up close.
  • The light house lens shines automatically for every 2 seconds with a 3 seconds gap, you can climb up to the light house and get to see scenic views.
  • The light house displays exhibits of historic nature, the light house doesn't have a keeper anymore, but there is an old light house keeper uniform on display.
  • See a historic collection of photographs, artifacts and memorabilia representing Mukilteo of the 1920s.
  • The word "Mukilteo" is a native Indian word meaning "a good camping ground", there is a red iron triangle outside that was once used to alert of a fire.
  • Events like the light house festival and tree planting days are held at the light house park.

Mukilteo Lighthouse Insider Tips

  • The gift shop has jewelry, clothes, toys, books and more.

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