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Municipal Rose Garden

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Municipal Rose Garden, Dana Avenue, San Josť, California, San Jose, CA
URL: Municipal Rose Garden  Phone: 408-794-7275

Activity Overview

San Jose's Municipal Rose Garden is a jewel in the city's crown. Located just outside of downtown this 5 1/2 acre Garden is home to over 4,000 rose shrubs with 189 varieties represented. From April until November the Garden opens its doors' to the public who can come to see these beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Things to Do

  • The majority of roses in the Garden are hybrid-teas, the most famous type of rose which is characterized by a single high centered bloom per stem.
  • There are many other types which can be enjoyed too from floribundas, which have a cluster of blooms at the head of each stem, to climbers which use long stems to rise up the fences which surround the Garden.
  • The variety of rose types here ensures a feast for the eyes as you encounter different colors and forms. In early May when the majority of roses are at their most beautiful stage there is also a gorgeous range of fragrances which you can take in as you wander around.

Municipal Rose Garden Insider Tips

  • You should be aware of the rules before you visit the Municipal Rose Garden. As should be obvious it is totally forbidden to pick or remove any of the plants or flowers. Aside from this all sports are prohibited, as are dogs, smoking and the consumption of alcohol. You can still have a nice picnic or a BBQ here though as you are welcome to bring along food, just remember to bring your thrash with you when you leave.
  • Restrooms are provided at the Rose Garden.

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