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Museum of Osteology

Indoor Free
Natural History Museums, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational
10301 S Sunnylane Rd, Oklahoma City, OK
URL: Museum of Osteology  Phone: 405-814-0006

Activity Overview

The Museum of Osteology is a unique museum in Oklahoma City that educates visitors about the natural world through the use of nearly 300 skeletons from various animal species. Its fascinating exhibits cover topics such as the definition of a skeleton, anatomy, and forensic pathology, and feature skeletons from animals that include monkeys, reptiles, amphibians, marsupials, carnivores, and flightless birds. If your family is fascinated by science and natural history, the Museum of Osteology is well worth a visit.

Things to Do

  • Explore the forensic pathology exhibit, which teaches visitors about how you can use skulls and other bones to determine how an animal died.
  • Learn about fascinating animal adaptations and types of locomotion such as flight, tree climbing, swimming, jumping, digging, and running.
  • Visit the marsupial exhibit to learn about these intriguing pouch-bearing mammals while viewing the skeletons of kangaroos, opossums, Tasmanian devils, and wallabies.

Museum of Osteology Insider Tips

  • Have your nature-loving child's next birthday at the museum! Their party package includes the use of a party room, a hands-on educational presentation, time to explore the museum, and a free t-shirt for the guest of honor.
  • View the museum's events page to learn about special programs, children's classes, and events where scouts can earn badges during a museum visit.
  • Don't miss the flightless birds exhibit, which includes ostriches and kiwis as well as penguins!

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