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Name Illusion Art

Indoor Free
Art Projects

Activity Overview

Create a fun and easy art project around the ordinary concept of writing your name. School aged children will enjoy creating Name Illusion Art, although I think this might become a popular go to doodle art project for teens to repeat again and again.

This art project is relaxing, beautiful, and simplistic all rolled into one. Just write your name in cursive in the center of a piece of paper and follow the lines and curves of your writing repetitively around and around until you fill the page. It will look like you dropped your name in the water and caused a ripple effect across the page. Color in or leave blank.

Materials Needed

  • Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Colored pencils or crayons

How to Make It

  1. Write your name in cursive on the center of a piece of paper with a marker.
  2. Take your marker and start drawing the the lines and curves of your name strokes a cm or two away from your name. Follow the lines and curves of your name until you have completely encased your name.
  3. Repeat this process moving a cm or two farther away each time but still following the lines and curves of outline of your cursive written name.
  4. Draw outline after outline until you do not have room to draw anymore.
  5. Next, use colored pencils or crayons to color each section in a different color.

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