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National Aviary

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700 Arch St, Pittsburgh, PA
URL: National Aviary  Phone: 412-323-7235

Activity Overview

As America’s premier bird zoo it is home to approximately 500 birds from 150 different species from all across the globe. Many of the birds who live here are on either the endangered or threatened list. By living here there may be a chance to save some of these species for future generations to enjoy.

Things to See & Do

There are large walk through exhibits were you can be in the exhibit with the beautiful creatures who live there. Some of the exhibits you can hand feed the residents while you get up close and personal on their turf.

Visit the FlightZone where you can witness birds in flight, possibly right over your head.

Talons – Where you can uncover the mysteries of some of their birds of prey. Enjoy seeing how amazing there incredible skills are and learn about the threats they face on a daily basis while in the wild and how they adapt.

Soar – Enjoy the rooftop theater while you watch some of the stunning birds of prey who live at the zoo, including Black Kites, falcons, and hawks, show off their skills as the great hunters that they are

If hand feeding the birds is more your style make sure to check out the variety of opportunities while you are there:

Tropical Forest Feedings take place daily and is home to a wide variety of birds from rainforests all over the world. Fairy bluebirds and Victoria crowned pigeons frequently make appearances for a snack.

Wetlands Feedings also happen daily. Here you can be one of the brave volunteers who get to hold small fish or worms as our birds swoop in for a quick snack. – All of the proceeds from your purchase of bird food will go to the care and feeding of the Aviary's flock!

Lorikeet Feedings take place in their exhibit where a lively flock of rainbow lorikeets live and play. You can purchase a cup of nectar for a small fee. The lorikeets will land on your arms or hand to feed right out of the cup you are holding

And last but not least there is the Penguin Feeding. This happens at 1:00 and 4:00 at the Penguin Point. Home to 16 African penguins and feeding time can be both entertaining and educational as the trainers feed these unique birds and answer questions you may have regarding these amazing non flying birds.

National Aviary Insider Tips

  • View the zoo map to ensure you don’t miss that one special bird you really want to see.
  • The seats at “Soar” are limited to 50 guests over the age of 6 years old, arrive early to purchase your seats, and bring a hat.
  • There is a restaurant on site at the zoo for your convenience. The Atria’s Kookaburra Kitchen is open daily and offered a wide range of food from homemade soups and salads to the daily special and sandwiches.

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