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National Battlefield Park


Activity Overview

National battlefield Park in Richmond, VA is a civil war battle field and historic site that was the central point during the civil war over 150 years ago. The battlefield park is a famous site for seven days battle of 1862, and many other battles. The park consists of many historic sites symbolizing the civil war, the civil war visitors center is located in Tredegar iron works, the wartime hospital camp, and other civil war sites that served for the Confederate states of America capital. The park is spread across 2,200 acres.

Things to Do

  • Visit the battlefield park free of cost and explore at your own pace, the park is open everyday sunrise to sunset.
  • Explore the history of the battle field and learn why Richmond played the role as the heart of the civil war conflict.
  • The historic iron works building is now the visitor center of the park, the iron works was an iron and artillery factory/unit during the civil war.
  • The Tredegar iron works remained functional during the first and second civil wars, the museum now displays exhibits and historic documentaries.
  • The hospital onsite that was used to treat soldiers is now a museum that displays exhibits showing the treatment of the soldiers in the hospital and in rest of the country.
  • There are plaques with description and cannons on site.

National Battlefield Park Insider Tips

  • Explore the site by getting tour maps from the visitor center.
  • Touring all the sites of the park require 2-3 days.

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