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National Bottle Museum

Activity Overview

National bottle museum in Ballston Spa, New York preserves and displays historic bottle making tools, thousands of glass bottles, bottle molds and more. Glass bottle manufacturing was one of the first major industries in the US, glass bottles were made by hand until 1903. The workers in the 1840's would make glass bottles with hand tools and glassblowers, the museum preserves those handmade bottles for visitors to see. The bottles were manufactured for water companies, pharmacies, breweries and more. Visitors can view thousands of glass bottles in various colors and shapes in the museum exhibits. The museum is free to enter and is open to tours all year round.

Things to Do

  • Visit the national bottle museum and view glass bottles made by hand in the 19th century, glass bottle industry was among the first major industries in the US.
  • Glass bottle making was an Art, the workers would work tediously to make these bottles of varying colors and shapes. See bottle making tools, molds and more.
  • The second floor of the museum features art exhibits, it features paintings, and hand-made arts and crafts.
  • You can take glass works classes, learn to make arts and crafts out of glass.
  • The museum collection also has glass bottles donated by politicians and entertainers from their personal collections.

National Bottle Museum Insider Tips

  • Donations are appreciated.

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