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National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Activity Overview

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is a one-of-a-kind museum in Albuquerque that focuses on the history and future of nuclear science. It features a wide range of exhibits that cover scientific topics such as atomic theory, nuclear medicine, nanoscience, nuclear power, and radiation, as well as historic events such as the Cold War and the use of atomic bombs during World War II. If your family is interested in science, this unique museum is well worth a visit.

Things to Do

  • View the Nano exhibit, a hands-on area that teaches visitors about nanoscience and features activities that involve tiny magnetic materials like iron powder and magnetite sand.
  • Explore Heritage Park, a 9-acre outdoor exhibit where you can view dozens of fascinating artifacts like planes, rockets, cannons, and missiles.
  • Learn about how the use of the atomic bomb affected the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as World War II in general.

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History Insider Tips

  • Don't miss Little Albert's Lab, a special exhibit designed to introduce children to physics using interactive displays.
  • Stop by the museum store before you leave to find educational gifts like books and DVDs as well as fun souvenirs like clothing, toys, and jewelry.
  • If you have a Girl Scout or Boy Scout in your family, they might be able to earn a patch or badge during a museum visit! You can find more information on scouting programs here.

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