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National Wrestling Hall of Fame

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405 W Hall Of Fame Ave, Stillwater, OK
URL: National Wrestling Hall of...  Phone: 405-377-5243

Activity Overview

The national headquarters of the Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. There is another location centered in Waterloo, Iowa though if you want the most comprehensive experience possible you should head for the larger Oklahoma facility. Here you will find the fall Hall of Fame with information about the various honorees who have earned their place in it over the years. There are also some fascinating exhibits about the sport itself and its highest achievers which will give you a new found respect for this physical and demanding sport.

Things to Do

  • The Hall of Fame honors wrestlers in a number of different categories. The standard entry is a distinguished member, that being someone who has risen to a great height in the sport throughout their career whether that be a wrestle, a coach or some other contributor.
  • The Medal of Courage is given to someone who has overcome very difficult odds to become successful in the sport.
  • The Outstanding American award is given to someone who has used what they have learnt in the sport to do great things in other walks of life. You can use the Hall of Fame's website to look up specific honorees that have been recognized with awards over the years.
  • The exhibits at the Hall of Fame aim to bring the realities of dedicating yourself as an amateur wrestler to life. Exhibits focus on the history of Latino Americans and African Americans in the sport as well as exploring the various gold medal Olympians who have risen to glory for the U.S.A in the greatest sports contest on the planet.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Insider Tips

  • You can take a virtual tour of the entire facility in Stillwater before you visit to get a better idea of what to expect.

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