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Natural History Museum

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900 Exposition Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
URL: Natural History Museum  Phone: 213-763-3466

Activity Overview

There is so much to do at Los Angeles' Natural History Museum that you could easily return again and againg without wearing out all of the possibilities. There are exhbits that concentrate on many different parts of the planet's incredible history. You can see gigantic dinosaur fossils along with learning about African Mammals, birds, gems and other minerals, insects or exploring the Museum's gardens. The Museum has a strong focus on child visitors so it makes a perfect family destination.

Things to Do

  • If you have any dinosaur fanatics is your family they will love the Dinosaur Hall. This is a 14,000 square foot exhibition area has one of the largest dino fossil collections on display in the World. This includes the T.Rex Growth series which sets up a baby, juvenile and pre-adult T Rex together to show the rapid growth of these gigantic creatures. The biggest of the pack is 34 feet long and weighs 7,000 pounds.
  • Explore the Nature Gardens to see birds and animals of all kinds. The Nature Gardens were designed to attract plenty of wildlife so you can expect to see bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, squirrels, dragonflies and much more.
  • You may get a chance to sample what is growing in the edible garden or see a different take on L.A's history by seeing animals that have been brought to the city by various settlers since the Spanish first arrived.

Natural History Museum Insider Tips

  • The Musuem offers free admission days on the first Tuesday of every month except for July and August. To make up for these lost dates ther make extra free days available in September. Usually from Febuary to June First Friday Free Days are also offered to the public.

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