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Nature Inspired Suncatcher Garden Art

Activity Overview

Create beautiful Nature Inspired Suncatcher Garden Art with kids of all ages. This is a great Spring or Summer craft which will have the kids exploring the backyard and viewing nature a lot more closely. It is great to see the world through a child's eyes and this fun craft allows you to see what they see up close. Children of all ages can participate in every part of this process in this craft and they will be so proud of their finished product.

Materials Needed

  • Clear Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Outer rings from Mason jar lids
  • String
  • A Sharpie Marker
  • Nature finds
  • Craft Wire or a Stick
  • Tape

How to Make It

  1. Go on a backyard excursion looking for and collecting small flowers, interesting leaves, grasses, and more.
  2. Lay a piece of contact paper onto the table and trace the outer edge of your mason jar lids onto the contact paper.
  3. Decorate the circles with the pieces of nature that you have collected. Press the items as flat as you can. Use individual petals or pine needles etc or the whole spring or flower.
  4. Peel the backing off of a second sheet of contact paper and press the sticky side down onto the paper that has the flowers and leaves resting on it.
  5. Press firmly and evenly across the entire surface of the paper until as much that can be adhered between the two pages is adhered.
  6. Now, take your scissors and cut the circles out, using the traced circles as your guide, but making the circles a smidge smaller than originally drawn. The decorative discs will be inserted into the mason jar lids.
  7. Tie a string around the top edge of each of the mason jar lids. Leave several inches of string remaining and tie the other end to a stick or a formed circle of heavy craft wire.
  8. Press the discs into the underside of the mason jar lids.
  9. Use a small amount of clear tape to secure the decorative discs to the mason jar lids.
  10. Tie another string to the stick or circle and hang in the yard or garden.

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