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New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum

Indoor Free
History Museums, School Trip, Historical
616 Central Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM
URL: New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance...  Phone: 505-247-0606

Activity Overview

The way to fight intolerance is to educate the younger generation about the history of genocide, bullying, other forms of hate and the corresponding effects to the society. While it may be a depressing topic for most, the displays in the New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum serve as an eye-opener for the older kids and a reminder for the adults. The museum was founded by a couple who survived the Holocaust. Admission is free, donations are accepted.

Things to Do

  • Aside from information about the Holocaust, you will also find details about other parts in the world's history that speaks of hate and inequality such as slavery in the US, discrimination and genocide against Native Americans, the massacre of Christians during the Ottoman empire, and child labor. Information is presented with newspaper articles, artworks, and photos. The museum is small but you can spend a couple of hours watching all videos and reading through the materials.
  • Visit the museum's Projects page for schedules of collaborations, group discussions, and special exhibits that you can attend.

New Mexico Holocaust & Intolerance Museum Insider Tips

  • Download this for a complimentary parking pass.
  • Younger kids may find some of the displays disturbing. It's recommended not to bring kids under the age of 11 but you may still do so as long as you can educate the little ones as you go through the exhibits.

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