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Noah's Ark Sanctuary


Activity Overview

Noah's Ark Sanctuary is a non-profit animal sanctuary where a variety of animals are kept in natural environments and habitats and returned to the wild frequently. Visitors can tour the animal sanctuary free of charge and see different animals that are rehabilitated in the sanctuary every year. A famous trio of Lion, Tiger and Bear has been featured on the National geographic belongs to the sanctuary. Along with animals, there are nature trails for hiking, and educational events held at the sanctuary. The sanctuary is open to tours Tuesday through Saturday.

Things to Do

  • Visit the sanctuary with your family and get to see exotic animals like cougars, parrots, monkeys, horses, bison, deer and the famous duo of Tiger and bear.
  • This sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA offers self-guided tours that are always free of charge.
  • If you want a behind the scene tour, you can take the WOW tour. Visit to see Sher khan the tiger, Zuri the white tiger, Baloo the bear, monkeys, ostriches and other animals.
  • The beautiful park like setting similar to the animals natural habitat is a breath of fresh air, there is a playground for the children to play in.
  • Bring over lunch and enjoy in the picnic area.

Noah's Ark Sanctuary Insider Tips

  • Free parking.

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