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Oakhurst Garden

Activity Overview

Oakhurst Garden is a beautiful outdoor attraction in Decatur, Georgia, which is just a few miles from downtown Atlanta. Its features include a community garden, a playhouse, a chicken coop, beehives, a pond, a stream, flower beds, and artwork that includes a mural. It's the perfect attraction for families that are looking for a place to enjoy nature together on a nice day, be it by going for a leisurely stroll through the plants or learning about chickens, bees, and vegetables.

Things to Do

  • Take your little one to the Cobb Adobe House, a popular playhouse that was handmade by local volunteers.
  • Visit the serene pond, where you can view frogs, goldfish, and other exciting creatures.
  • Teach your child where eggs and honey come from by visiting the chicken coop and the beehives!
  • View the Peace Pole, which was dedicated by a Native American shaman and a Maori medicine man.

Oakhurst Garden Insider Tips

  • If you live in the area, consider renting a community garden plot! It's a great way to teach your child about how vegetables and flowers grow.
  • Spend some time exploring the beautiful garden beds and viewing the scarecrows that protect them.
  • Bring along a camera to take a photo of the gorgeous mural on the side of the garden house, which depicts how essential bees are in gardens.

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