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Oceans of Fun

Activity Overview

Oceans of Fun is a water park located in the same compound as the theme park, Worlds of Fun. It is located Northeast of Downtown Kansas City, MO, and easily accessible by I-435. The water park was opened in 1982, 9 years after Worlds of Fun. Admission to the theme park includes access to Oceans of Fun, so plan your trip accordingly.

Things to Do

  • Water slides/rides - The biggest attraction in the water park. Our picks? Typhoon - where you race against your opponents to get to the bottom, Monsoon - a water flume ride fit for 20 people, where you'll get splashed, and the Predator's Plunge - a big slide where the floor suddenly drops out from under you, and you are sliding away! There are many other water slides and rides that you can choose from the complex as well.
  • Surf City Wave Pool - Getting tired of the rides? Head on over to the wave pool. There are artificial waves every 10 minutes and you can go in with your water tubes. Note that water tubes require extra to rent.

Oceans of Fun Insider Tips

  • Parking is an additional fee ($15) on top of the ticket price.
  • Some big rides may close intermittently throughout the day, so plan your trip in advance: go to the bigger attractions/rides first. Note that some of the rides also have long queues just to get on them.
  • It will be wiser if you go to the amusement park first, cool down at the water park at around lunch, then go back to the amusement park.
  • Lockers are available for rent at the water park, but be prepared to pay a premium for them. Best to get there early to get a locker size that you need if the park is crowded.

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