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Odd Bean Even Bean

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Activity Overview

Explore the fun that comes from playing a game of chance in the game Odd Bean Even Bean. Family members of all ages will frolic in the random guessing game where players conceal a number of beans in their hands and players guess whether the number of beans is odd or even. Bean quantities will change hands rather quickly and the leader can change hands in an instant. This game is fun, fast paced, and requires no skill or learning curve.

Materials Needed

  • A Bag of Dried Beans ( each player gets 12 beans)
  • Baggies

How to Play

  1. Each player is given 12 beans to place in his or her baggie.
  2. Keeping the baggie out of sight, the first player places a mystery number of beans in one hand and makes a fist. The player then asks the person to his or her left odds or evens?
  3. The next player guesses whether he or she thinks that there are an even number of beans being presented in the fist or an odd number.
  4. If the player is correct, he or she wins the beans and adds them to his stash.
  5. If the player is wrong, he or she must hand over the same amount of beans that were in the first player's hand to the first player.
  6. The object of the game is to collect all of the beans from all of the other players. The player who wins all of the beans wins the game.

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