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Ohio Caverns

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Caves & Caverns, School Trip, Educational, Historical, Touristy, Green
2210 Ohio 245, West Liberty, OH
URL: Ohio Caverns  Phone: 937-465-4017

Activity Overview

Located just four miles east of West Liberty, Ohio the Ohio Caverns are a spectacular natural wonder. At one time thousands of years ago a river ran through these long underground passages cutting through the limestone. In its wake were left crystal stalactites and stalagmites of great beaut along with other impressive formations. Today it is safe to take a tour and walk through the caves to view these natural creations in all their splendour.

Things to Do

  • Perhaps the most popular tour of the Caverns is the mile long Natural Wonder route. While walking this route you can take in the artistic qualities of these rock and crystal formations that are still in the process of development. This tour takes about fifty minutes.
  • Another good choice to see the caves is the Historic Tour. This is a shorter route of about .75 miles that takes 45 minutes to complete. It includes parts of the Cavern that were viewed by its visitors from its discovery in 1897 until 1925. If you would like you can also choose a combination tour which allows you to walk both the natural wonder and the historic tour routes.
  • Though it is almost impossible to make the entire caverns wheelchair accessible as doing so would necessitate clearing out many of the beautiful natural formations there is a .25 mile route called the Limestone Tour which is fully accessible to those with impaired mobility,

Ohio Caverns Insider Tips

  • Check out this map of the caverns to see what the different tours offered by Ohio Caverns cover. You can also take a look at their brochure to find out a bit more.
  • The Caverns themselves take up one part of a 35 acre park. Picnic tables and a shelter house can be found elsewhere in the park so if you like you can bring along some food to have lunch with your family.

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