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Ohio State Fairgrounds

Outdoor $$Jul Aug
School Trip, Touristy
717 E 17th Ave, Columbus, OH
URL: Ohio State Fairgrounds  Phone: 614-644-3247

Activity Overview

From the end of July through the beginning of August every year the Ohio Expo Center is used to host the Ohio State Fair, one of the most popular state fair's in the entire United States. This great event attracts almost a million visitors annually and offers live music, rides, food trucks and all kinds of family friendly activities to all the family. It acts as a celebration of the state, its people, its culture and its products and is a source of pride for the people who live there. Whether you are an Ohio native or not there will be plenty for you to enjoy.

Things to Do

  • Every year there is so much to do here. Indulge in the usual fair food like cotton candy and hot dogs. Hop on rides that appeal to children and adults. Take a break with the free entertainment and free live music that is put on for the crowds. And while you're walking around be sure to people watch, there are always interesting things, and interesting people, going on at state fairs!

Ohio State Fairgrounds Insider Tips

  • The regular cost of parking at the Ohio Expo Center, where the state fair is held, is $5. This price can change for special events and may do so for the State Fair.
  • As is typical at this kind of events the food can be a little on the expensive side so think about filling up before you come. Whatever you do make sure you withdraw cash from an outside ATM before you go; the ATM's inside the fair really pile on the charges!

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