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Oklahoma Wondertorium

Indoor $
Children's Museums, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Educational
308 West Franklin Lane, Stillwater, OK
URL: Oklahoma Wondertorium  Phone: 405-533-3333

Activity Overview

Oklahoma WONDERtorium is a children's museum focused on learning through interactive play. The exhibits are divided into different areas, all focused on helping young minds to explore and discover on their own. Parents are encouraged to actively participate in the role-play. Hands-on activities and exhibits help develop the kids' creative thinking as well as their imagination and curiosity. The place is best for kids aged 12 years and younger.

Things to Do

  • Help your kids ease into the world of theater and arts by putting on a show at the WONDER Theater. Start with preparing in the dressing room complete with make-up kits and costume then proceed on presenting on the stage. Other kids can experience being an audience or to be the technical guy behind the soundboard.
  • Awaken your child's inclination towards the world of medicine at the My Medical Center exhibit. Kids can role-play as nurses, doctors, surgeons, and paramedics in a hospital setting. Check out the ways to play link to know how parents can make the most out of this experience.
  • Let the kids explore the other play areas such as the Artist's Pad, Discovery Diner, and Generation Station Farm.
  • Visit the Gift Shop and check out the selection of toys, books, and puzzles.

Oklahoma Wondertorium Insider Tips

  • Babies aged below 12 months get in for free. Admission fee applies to both accompanying adult and kid. Become a member and get unlimited admission for a year.

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