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Oklahoma Wondertorium

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Science Museums, Children's Museums, Birthday Parties, School Trip, Healthy/Active, Educational
308 W Franklin Ln, Stillwater, OK
URL: Oklahoma Wondertorium  Phone: 405-533-3333

Activity Overview

The Oklahoma Wondertorium believes in the power of education through play. With that in mind they make a bunch of exhibit spaces where children can explore and have fun available to all the public. These exhibits are aimed primarily at children under 12 and grant this age group a safe place to express themselves and practice key motor and mental skills. They also welcome groups and school classes and offer different educational programs that are of great benefit to young children. In all they have 14 interactive exhibits and play spaces to be enjoyed meaning there is plenty to keep youthful visitors interested.

Things to Do

  • At the Water Works exhibit children get the opportunity to play and splash around in the water. They will learn about the basic properties of water and about concepts such as buoyancy, volume and empty and full.
  • Once they are done playing with the water you can take them to the Forest Playground where they can climb a rock wall, slide from the top of a tree and crawl through a fallen tree trunk just as if they were playing out in the great outdoors. These are only 2 of the fantastic exhibits available to kids at the Wondertorium. Bring them along, set them loose and watch as they have a great time!.
  • A whole load of great events take place regularly at the Wondertorium. They have special events to coincide with holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Easter along with more regular events such as story time, book fairs, science experiments, after school activities and writing projects. Take a look at their monthly calendar page to stay on top of it all.

Oklahoma Wondertorium Insider Tips

  • Infants under 12 months can always enter the Wondertorium for free.
  • The Wondertorium is closed on Mondays.

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