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Okra Stamp Art

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Activity Overview

You will be amazed at the gorgeous rose that is created from this simple stamping technique right out of nature when you make Okra Stamp Art. This artistic method can be used by artists of all ages and can be stamped on most anything. Try making your own gift wrap, adding stems to make flowers, decorating fabric or even creating stationary.

Bunch these cool geometric stamper shapes on your paper to create a kaleidoscope effect. You can also get more detailed with a small paintbrush and paint the natural lines of the okra any way that you would like. Lastly, try lightly stamping the okra and adding your own colorful details to the pattern when the stamp is dry.

Materials Needed

  • A stalk of okra ( you will only need the last couple of inches of the end)
  • Paints
  • Paper
  • Paper Towel
  • Paint Brushes
  • Knife

How to Make Them

  1. Use a sharp knife to cut the okra at the base. ( Try out a recipe with the stalks). Make sure that you make a nice even cut.
  2. Press the cut base of the okra against some paper towels to absorb any excess moisture from the vegetable. The stamp will work best when it is driest.
  3. Dip the cut side of the okra base into the paint. You can also use a roller or a paint brush to apply the paint for this step.
  4. Stamp the painted end of the okra stump onto paper or your desired surface. The okra print will produce a lovely intricate design.
  5. Stamp randomly or in patterns for a cool geometric look.
  6. When you are finished with all of your stamping, rinse the okra off and place it in your compost pile.

Photo Credit: Doug Scott Redeem Your Ground

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