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Old Arsenal Museum

Outdoor Free
Historic Sites, Cultural, Historical, Green
900 State Capitol Drive, Baton Rouge, LA
  Phone: 225-342-0401

Activity Overview

The Old Arsenal Museum is a historic site in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, located on the grounds of the current State Capitol. Built in 1838, the complex used to be a military post, occupied by the Union Army at the Battle of Baton during the American Civil War. The complex was preserved and now serves as a museum and a historic spot, and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The museum and the state capitol is just off Interstate I-110, two blocks away from the Mississippi River.

Things to Do

  • Wander the exhibits that explains the structure of the powder magazine (a place where they kept gunpowder in the civil war days)
  • Ask questions that you may have about the site or the civil war to a host inside the museum - you may get a guided tour from the host explaining the exhibits too!
  • Walk around the grounds of the State Capitol Park or Arsenal Park - this is a good spot to take photos of the Capitol building too.
  • Climb the mound and see the museum and the Mississippi River from a higher point of view.
  • Touch and feel the cannons that are around the park.

Old Arsenal Museum Insider Tips

  • Find the graffiti left behind by the Union troops at one of the walls! It gives you a real insight and see history with your own eyes.
  • The museum is air conditioned so can provide a brief respite from the Louisiana heat during summer - and a destination to tick off the list when visiting Baton Rouge too
  • The museum is closed on a Monday, so plan your visit accordingly.

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