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Old Red Museum

Activity Overview

Discover history and culture of Dallas County at the Old Red Museum, built in 1892, the renovated Old Red Courthouse is now the Old Red museum. The beautiful historic building is made of red sandstone rusticated marble accents, the building is located in Downtown Dallas. The building is a symbol of the culture and heritage of the Dallas County. The second floor of the old red museum features exhibits with touch screen computers, mini theaters and a learning center.

Things to Do

  • The old red museum of Dallas county history & culture stimulates exploration, learning and appreciation for the culture. There are several permanent and special exhibits displayed in the galleries.
  • Discover the early years of the Dallas County history, the early years exhibit displays a mammoth tusk, shark teeth from the prehistoric times, civil war era dragoon pistol, Quanah Parker's pipe bag and much more.
  • The trading center exhibit sheds light on the economic development of the Dallas County, the trading center gallery features a wooden water pipe, and a high-wheeled bicycle.
  • The big D and world crossroads exhibits showcase the time when Dallas became a major city and was nicknamed the big D. Discover the first traffic light of the Dallas county, Tom Landry's Fedora, sports memorabilia, and other historic artifacts.
  • The education center offers hands-on activities for the children, children related exhibits and touch screen computers for easy learning.
  • Free building tours are offered with museum admission.
  • The museum shop stocks history-related merchandise, t shirts, mugs, books and videos. Snacks are available at the museum shop.

Old Red Museum Insider Tips

  • Get discounted tickets on Sunday before noon with Early Bird special.

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