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Paint Swatch Color Hunt

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Activity Overview

Recycle those paint swatches and turn them into a color hunt game that your kids will love. This activity can be done indoors or outdoors and will keep children actively engaged in the world around them. Create different rings of colors for indoors and outdoors or keep them all on one ring. The challenge is to find objects in nature or in the room that most closely match your paint sample swatch hues. This is a terrific lesson in colors as well. Happy color hunting!

Materials Needed

  • Paint sample swatches
  • Metal Ring
  • Hole punch

How to Play

  • Simply gather your color swatches and stack them together. Punch a hole in the top of them all so that they all line up with each other. Attach a metal ring or G Clip to hold them together.
  • Assign the area that the participants have to explore color and set them out on their color discovery journey.Work as individuals or as partners. I am partial to partners because I enjoy the process of discussion and sharing of ideas and opinions
  • You can tweak this activity however you would like. This does not have to be a competitive game, but can be just an activity in color exploration. Be present in this activity with your children. Adults will enjoy the excitement in the discoveries that their children make.

You can turn this activity into an actual scavenger hunt as well by gluing swatches onto paper and challenging children to find matches for them all and write their findings in the line provided.

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