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Paper Bag Skits

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Activity Overview

Engage your family or group's creative thinking and acting skills by setting the stage for these fun Paper Bag Skits. This game is originally meant to be played in very small groups, yet can easily be adapted even if there are only two people. Simply have each person randomly select items secretly and place them in a bag and then swap bags. Each player would then put on a one man show for the other. Be prepared for lots of laughs and creativity as you play Paper Bag Skits.

Materials Needed

  • Large paper Bag per small acting group
  • Various household items ( examples include anything from sunglasses, a spatula,wigs, a book, a shoe, bicycle helmet, headphones, a pillow)

How to Play

  1. Have a person who is not acting in the game fill a big bag with seven to ten random items.
  2. Divide up into groups of 2, 3 or 4, depending on the size and makeup of your group.
  3. You can do this with one group or more than one group and the game is just as enjoyable. Give each group their bag of weird and diverse items.
  4. The first group gets up, looks in their bag of surprises and has 15 minutes to work together to prepare an idea for a short skit using the items in the bag.
  5. Get ready to be entertained by the dramatic and unique acting displays that the participants put on. Other teams will excitedly enjoy being the audience for the other team(s).

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