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Paper Bag Trees

Activity Overview

Cut, twist and glue your way to a beautiful paper bag tree for your next craft project. As you create, make your tree grow into whatever kind of tree that you can imagine up for the season that you are hoping to portray. Choose the colored paper for your leaves accordingly and twist and place your branches to suit your theme.

Materials Needed

  • A paper lunch bag
  • Scissors
  • Colored construction paper or tissue paper
  • Glue stick

How to Make Them

  1. Snip one inch wide strips of fringe that stop two inches before the fold all the way around the paper bag.
  2. Open the bag up and stand it up on the table.
  3. Hold the base of the bag against the table and take all of the strips and twist them together at the base to form the tree trunk.
  4. Next gather two to three of the paper bag fringe strips together and twist those as well and position them to look like branches for your tree.
  5. Tear or cut small squares of tissue paper or colored construction paper.
  6. Use a glue stick to adhere the small pieces of colored paper to the branches to form leaves.
  7. If using Fall colored leaves, you can glue some pieces to the base of the tree as well as if the leaves have been falling..

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