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Paper Batik Art for Kids

In & Outdoor Free
Painting, Art Projects

Activity Overview

Create gorgeous batik art that toddlers and school age children can easily create. Batiking is a process where wax resists paint and can be done on fabric with some ironing and additional more complex processes. You can create a similar effect with this user friendly art project that is easily accessible with items that you likely have on hand at home.

This fun Art Project can be enjoyed by all ages. Consider studying types of flowers in nature or another guided topic or make your own freehand design. Completely cover a piece of white paper with your crayon drawing, heavily coating the paper in crayon wax. The paper will then be crumbled up and painting with water colors. The crayon wax resists the watercolor paint and the paint is absorbed by the crinkled areas where the crayon has been compromised.

Materials Needed

  • White paper
  • Crayons
  • Water Color paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water

How to Make It

  1. Draw a design or picture with crayons on white paper. Filled the entire space on the paper.
  2. Then, they applied layers of crayon, coloring heavily and blending colors. Color firmly to transfer a good amount of wax onto the paper.
  3. Crumble up the paper, wrinkling their paper to crack the wax.
  4. Open up the paper over a trash can and then crumble it into a ball again and open it.
  5. Gently press the paper flat on the table.
  6. Apply water color paint with a paintbrush.
  7. Allow artwork to dry.

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