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Paper Plate Soaring Bird

Activity Overview

Create a beautiful soaring bird out of a paper plate. Children of all ages will enjoy creating the species of bird of their choice with this easy to make Paper Plate Soaring Bird Craft Project. You can have several crafters who make very different looking birds from the same process which is what makes this craft so great.

We visited a bird sanctuary on the day that we make these birds at home. The kids felt inspired to each make a favorite bird from their visit. One of the kids created his own species of bird. You can even at a string to hang the birds or for the kids to pretend to make them fly. The possibilities are endless, so let your imaginations soar!

Materials Needed

  • A Paper Plate
  • Orange felt or construction paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make It

  1. Use a pencil to draw the shape of a bird's body on the center flat portion of the paper plate like in the photo above. There should be a continuous shape which includes a small bird head, a long rounded oval shaped breast and body and then include a portion of the ruffled edge that fans out a bit for the tail.

  2. Cut the shape of the bird's body out.

  3. Next take a look at your scrap plate and cut straight up each side of the plate.

  4. Discard the center curvy part and flip the last two half circle shaped segments so that the flat cut side is facing upward for both. These are the bird wings.

  5. Attach the wings to the back of the body with some glue.

  6. To finish off, color the bird if desired and add a a beak, eyes and feet to your bird.

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