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Paper Towel Experiment and Butterfly Art Combo...

Activity Overview

Experience how science and art intertwine when you experiment with paper towel art. The fact is that the colors in markers are actually made up of different substances called pigments. When the pigments interact with water, they move through the paper at different speeds, creating a separation of colors which from an artful perspective creates a beautiful tie dye type array of colors on your paper towel. Turn this beautiful sheet of color into something wonderful like these paper towel butterflies. Attach to a string and hang to display or the kids might enjoy fluttering around with their masterpieces for some pretend play.

Materials Needed

  • Paper Towels
  • Washable Markers
  • Water
  • Water dropper or straw
  • Pipe cleaner
  • String

How to Make Them

  1. Use your washable markers to decorate a paper towel sheet. Marker marks can be random.
  2. Simply use a water dropper or a straw to retain water and drop droplets of water onto the paper towel.
  3. Watch the artwork form as the marker pigments spread out and bleed in different directions on the paper. Observe the different colors that come from each colored marker spot. When the marker has completely bled, stop adding water drops and hand to dry.
  4. Simply use the pipe cleaner to cinch the paper towel in the center, bringing the two ends of the pipe cleaner up toward the top.
  5. Tie a string to the center of the paper towel.
  6. Use your pencil to curl the pipe cleaner

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