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Paper Tube Stamped Sunflower

Activity Overview

Create a gorgeous sunflower from that cardboard paper toilet paper tube that would normally be tossed into the recycling bin. Simply use the tube to trace for the center and press the tube down to form it into a flower petal stamper. This craft is great for all age groups and add a cheery disposition to anyone's day.

Materials Needed

  • Toilet paper tube
  • Yellow Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Paint brush

How to Make It

  1. Trace a circle around the end of the toilet paper tube approximately 2/3 of the way on the paper.
  2. Take the cardboard tube and press it flat so that it forms a crease and looks like a petal.
  3. Dip the end of the petal shaped tube into the yellow paint and stamp petals all the way around the circle, overlapping them slightly.
  4. Use your paintbrush to fill in the petals in yellow.
  5. Paint the inside of the circle brown.
  6. Use your paintbrush to draw a stem which reaches the bottom of the page and add some leaves to the stem.

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