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Paper Tube Wall Activity For Toddlers

Indoor Free
Educational Games

Activity Overview

Keep your toddler happily entertained with this simple paper tube wall activity. Little kids will enjoy the repetitive play while learning about cause and effect and even colors. Engage with your child and ask them to pick up the pom poms by color, allow them to freely drop the pom poms into the tubes and always mirror they excitement as they play.

Materials Needed

  • Cardboard Paper Tubes
  • Painter's Tape
  • Medium sized pom poms
  • Bowl
  • Optional spoon or tongs
  • Optional party hats

How to Make It

  1. Simply tape some paper tubes vertically onto a small section of wall space with your painter's tape. Tape two together for longer tubes or use toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes for shorter ones. Tape them to the wall so that the tops are within in your toddler's reach.
  2. Place a bowl or bowls underneath the tube or tubes.
  3. Fill a bowl with pom poms and show your toddler how to drop the pom poms in from the top and how they come out of the bottom.
  4. Have them try it out. They can play freely or ask them to put certain color pom poms in the tube.

Alise Z.
We did this for a special education class to help their fine motor skills, and the students sorted by color and object.
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