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Partake in a Wheelbarrow Race

Outdoor Free
Party Games, Backyard Games, Relationship Building, Family Game Night

Activity Overview

Have family members and friends partner up for this classic backyard game. Wheelbarrow races are best described as a two-member team race in which one team member holds the legs of the other, as if they are holding the handles of a wheelbarrow. The team member playing the barrow runs on hands only.

This fun backyard game takes a little bit of coordination and excellent teamwork for teams to be successful. It is great exercise and builds arm strength, but is certain to yield lots of laughs. Wheelbarrow races are great for party games or an active family game night activity which will get everyone moving.

Materials Needed

  • 4 or more players

How to Play

  1. Select a wide open space in the yard to play.
  2. Identify a starting line and a finish line.
  3. Partner participants up into pairs and ask them to decide who is going to be the wheel barrow first.
  4. To make a wheel barrow,one person in each duo should get down on all fours and have his or her partner stand behind them.
  5. The partners should carefully lift up the legs of the partner on the ground in front of them while they support themselves with their hands.
  6. Teams should line up behind the starting line and at the sound of go, they should race the other teams to the end of the playing field.
  7. When teams reach the finish line, they should quickly swap positions with their partners and race back to the starting line.
  8. The first team to reach the original starting line wins.

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