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Penny Spinner Top

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Activity Overview

Create an engaging toy out of a paper plate and a penny. It doesn't sound plausible, does it? Well, you and your children can create a spinning top with these two easily accessible materials very easily with this fun and interesting craft project. With the cost of only a penny, why not give it a whirl?

Materials You Will Need

  • A sturdy paper plate 6 3/4 inches in diameter
  • Scrap paper
  • Star Stickers
  • Markers
  • a penny
  • scissors, pencil , craft knife and ruler

How to Make It

  1. Use your scissors to cut the rim off of the paper plate.
  2. Find the exact center of the remaining plate. To do this, you can trace the circle on a piece of scrap paper, cut the circle out and fold the circle in half. Place the half circle on the back of the plate. Draw a pencil line on the plate using the folded edge of the half circle as your guide.
  3. Fold the paper in half again making a quarter circle and draw a line straight up to the edge. This point where the two lines converge will be your exact center.
  4. Ask a grownup to make a 3/4 inch slit centered on this mark by using a craft knife.
  5. On the front of the plate, use markers to draw a thick spiral from the center to the outer rim of the plate. Scatter star stickers around the spiral.
  6. Isert the penny halfway through the slit. The penny should fit snugly.
  7. Place the spinner on a hard flat surface and use the top half of the penny to give it a spin.

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